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We combine the best technologies, processes, and experience to make your business thrive.

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We work with you regularly to improve your business.

Security Assessments

We review, assess, and provide iron-clad solutions for all IT and security needs.

Managed Services

We enable your business through robust, fully managed secure services.

20+ Years of Technology Services & Support

Our support and hosting focuses on relationship-first service.

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What is Hyperbia?

Hyperbia was created with one goal: to take large enterprise technology solutions and shrink them down for small and medium-sized businesses.

We know what it feels like when you need a service but your business isn't "big enough." We're kinda small too. So we worked with a bunch of really awesome large tech companies and scaled it all down.

By shrinking down their offerings and combining them with some cool software  — and great support by real people — we’ve enabled all businesses to have access to great solutions.

With the Hyperbia Suite we help you enable the right technology, at the right time, the right way.

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We Support Your Support

We have tons of experience being the primary, go-to support team for many different clients and industries. Plus, we can even assist your existing IT team, freeing them up for bigger and better projects.

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What's going on in our world?

NBI Solutions Merges with Ignite Collaboration Service & Ignite Security Solutions Group to Become Ignite Technology
September 14, 2021

NBI Solutions is excited to share with you that as of September 14, 2021, we announced an agreement to merge with Ignite Collaboration Service Group & Ignite Security Solutions Group to become Ignite Technology. Together, NBI and Ignite will be an industry leader in the Collaboration, Security, and the Managed IT solutions space.

NBI Solutions Acquires SEBO Data Solutions and SEBO Systems
December 7, 2020

Calgary, AB – December 7, 2020 – NBI Solutions (“Northern Backup Incorporated”) is pleased to announce that it has acquired SEBO Data Solutions and SEBO Systems. NBi Solutions is a market leader in IT solutions advisory, hosting, security and integrated solutions. With the acquisition of SEBO, NBi Solutions becomes the most inter-connected hosting solution provider and the largest, most trusted Hitachi dealer in Western Canada.

NBI Solutions forms strategic partnership with Tcorp (formerly “Techconnect”).
November 2, 2020

Calgary, AB – November 2, 2020 – NBI Solutions (“Northern Backup Incorporated”) is pleased to announce that it has entered into a strategic partnership with Tcorp (formerly “Techconnect”) The partnership will successfully deliver end to end technical solutions to the SME market such as security, hosting, network design, engineering, project management and 24x7 fully managed support services. Douglas Thubron, President of NBI Solutions says, “we are excited to partner with Calgary’s premier technical services provider, allowing us to deliver our market leading services to provide turnkey IT solutions that are secure, scalable and supportable”.