Our 4 Layer strategy ensures you're protected from all types of threats, both internal and external.
Layer 1

Basic Infrastructure Security

We secure key infrastructure of your business, so that your daily operations are kept safe and secure.

Firewall & Network Devices

We validate that your devices are properly setup and configured using best practices.

Antivirus & Malware

NBi sets up antivirus for all your devices, from servers to workstations to personal devices.

Web Traffic Filtering

We filter web content to block threats before attackers can access or compromise your system.

Email Filtering

Going beyond spam filtering, we take charge and ensure the flow of email stays spam and cyber-threat free.

Layer 2

Patching & Recovery

System Patching

Keeping systems up to date effectively prevents attacks against known vulnerabilities.

Backups & Disaster Recovery

We ensure your data is safely backed up and that your business stays up with minimal downtime.

Layer 3

Policies, Training & Awareness

Proactively avoid incidents by educating your users about best practices and how to deal with suspicious items.

Online Identity Management

Learn how to securely manage your online life and passwords. Take control of your personal data.

Malicious Content Identification

Develop your ability to proactively identify threats before they become a problem.

Ongoing Security Education & Notices

Keep in the know on the latest cyber schemes.

Real-time Training Reports

Watch the results of training, policy reviews, and security campaigns from our online dashboard.

Layer 4

Vulnerability Management

Our ongoing vulnerability management service maintains the integrity of your environment by continually scanning your network to ensure new threats have not been introduced.

Receive full visibility into your security logs to keep threats at bay.

Ongoing, proactive scanning of your devices & network.

Ensures your devices are secure and stay that way.

Just like antivirus definitions, new security exploits are released daily - stay protected!

Advanced reporting makes sure you're always updated on security status.

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